I’m back!

As I mentioned in my last post, that was my last “September” ride – because last weekend (I only ride on weekends) I took part in a photography residency that was held at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island.

It was a fantastic time…

I was one of thirteen photographers who attended the first version of this programme – a joint effort between Artscape and Gallery 44 (I’m a member of Gallery 44). The working theme was “Borders and Collisions” – a very powerful and important basis for visually exploring human interaction, intervention and intrusion of the landscape.

We enjoyed two days of shooting, critique, community. learning and friendship. And, yes, eating too. It was great because I did NOTHING but focus on my photography. Many thanks to Gallery 44, Artscape, our leader – April Hickox, and our coordinator – Darren Rigo.

Some of my weekend work will be posted over the next few days. Hope you enjoy… soon.